How To Style Your 4c Hair

How To Style Your 4c Hair




4c hair is great because you can manipulate the texture in so many different ways. You can rock your 4c afro style and spice it up by adding a pop of color with funky little flower pins, pulling one side back with stylish hair clips, or by pulling your hair back with a sassy silk scarf with vintage print. You can always keep it classy baby and rock straight fro. Either way, you’ll need to apply the right products to your hair depending on texture of your 4c hair. There are 3 textures for your 4c hairstyles, afro, wash and go, and twist outs/braid outs. Have there been times you’ve done your twist out and you ended up with fluffy ends and a lasting twist out all of 2? Well if so, it can be less about your technique and more about the products you use.



Rocking your 4c afro will require you to give your hair all the moisture it needs to look healthy and shiny. Because if you don’t, you’ll be left with a dry, brittle, crunchy looking afro. Revitalize your curls in the sink of your job no more! These tips will help you with maintain your 4c afro all day and night. Using your favorite leave in conditioner with your favorite oil will help keep your hair stay soft for the perfect afro. Using just a leave in conditioner will moisture your hair at the time, but that moisture may start to fade after a few hours due to moisture lost. If you want to prevent that, and seal the moisture in, your are going to have to use an oil that seals moisture in. Using just an oil will help moisturize the outer layer of the cuticle, but it may not penetrate deeper in the hair shaft. Using just a hair oil may make your hair feel greasy, and when your hair is too greasy then your face becomes greasy. When styling your 4c afro you’re  going to want to apply your favorite leave in conditioner then your favorite hair oil to help seal the moisture in.






    I’m just going to get straight to the point with this one, if you don’t use some form of curl defining hair moisturizer or hair gel, it’s going to loose a lot of its definition and may become more frizzy. If you are reading this, that means you know that your natural 4c kinky coils are much more defined when your hair is wet. Your curls are so defined, perfect, orgasmic, and temporary. Yes, those perfect curls are temporary, until, you use some form of curl defining gel product for your hair. When looking for a wash and go product look for the keywords curl, styling gel, custard, or jelly. Then look for keywords moisturizing and cream. Moisturizers and creams will not hold your curl like a gel, custard, or jelly would. So it’s important to look for those keywords when looking for hair products for your wash and go styles 4c hairstyles. You can use a cream or moisturizer with your favorite styling gel products, or you can get a 2 in 1, styling gel and moisturizing product. After that, rub a little oil on your hair to seal in the moisture and add shine. A little oil will go a long way. You don’t want to add too many products together or too heavily. That can cause your hair feel icky, plus not all natural hair products mix well together.

    Side Note: When doing wash and go’s, please section your hair then use a brush with your favorite styling gel and run through the curls. Repeat until your whole head is done. I will not be going into detail about this process, but I will be providing a helpful video link if you need a step by step guide.




    Twist out/ braid out styles require you to prep many hours in advanced. Some people even prep for days ensuring that their hair is dry enough for a longer lasting twist out. There a few factors when it comes to a successful 4c twist out or braid out. The technique of your twists or braids, the products you use, and how dry your hair is. Unfortunately, I can’t give you many tips on technique, but YouTube can, I’m also struggling. When finding the right twisting cream, you’ll want to look for the keywords twist/twisting, pudding and butter. When prepping for your twist outs you’ll want to make sure your hair is clean and damp, but on the dry side (hopefully that makes sense). If your hair is too wet, it will take too long for your hair to dry, even if you sleep on it. With that, please make sure you don’t use too much product because that can also prevent your hair from drying quickly. The main reason for 4c twist out hairstyles, is too manipulate and stretch out your curl pattern. You’ll want to use a detangling brush to detangle the hair, your favorite hair twisting product and a nice solid, tight technique.


    Twist out video technique


     Braid out video technique




    4c hairstyles are frustrating because you can create so many different natural hairstyles by enhancing or changing your hair curl pattern. You can fluff them out, define, and stretch them. Once you have your desired texture you can then style and accessorize. You can also use these products on 4c hair extensions, wigs, and kinky curly clip ins. These tips will help you achieve the texture you want by the products you choose. If you know some must some have products for 4c natural hair and you’d like me to feature it, please contact me through my website and fill out the forum.




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